"MY favorite character CAN’T be ANYTHING other than WHITE" no sorry you’re wrong sorry sorry 

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Current Mood: “It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I don’t care.” 

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a ways

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hey join my rp

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Kid Rogues of Gotham

Adrian Nelson

Deviant Art


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Uhm, I tried to get the font as close as possible. Sorry if it’s not easy on the eyes, though. click here for better view.

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Some of Welcome to Night Vale’s tweets need to exist alongside Journey into Mystery.

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~Bond of Brothers~


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Loki Week: Day Six

Villainous Moments & Deaths

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 Loki Week - Day 06: Villainous Moments & Deaths

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older kid loki

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Green Arrow V3 #50 (2005)

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so let’s sit down and talk for a minute

roy harper aka arsenal

(this guy here)

got himself kidnapped by the riddler

(this lovely fellow here) 

and don’t worry that he looks a little different from the usual. he got himself a makeover after rediscovering himself 

moving on

so the riddler takes roy to his hidey-hole and straps him down to a table

roy obviously is asking the important questions

but what i want to know is

why did riddler take the time to shave roy’s weak-ass goatee?

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Green Arrow V3 #46 (2005)

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